Top 3 signs to consider before hiring the right interior designer

Are you bored of living at home? Are you aiming at letting your interiors reflect your personality? Most importantly, have you ever considered giving your home a facelift? In that case, it is vital to hire the right service provider to get your interiors made, or else you would spend a fortune and not get the results you desire. We live in world where self-worth is valued more than those of others. It is easy to get ripped off by interior designer companies, if you are not considering the following  5 signs.

1) They are rushing you to buy their premium plan:

Getting your interiors done is an expensive task to begin with, due to its permanent nature. When one looks for a long term sometimes permanent investment, they tend to be expensive. When looking at hiring an interior designer, they would always try upselling and tell you the pros of purchasing their more premium plan irrespective of their limited qualities. Typical sales nature, to have the customer go for more and spend on more! When this habit is brought into Interior designing, a little money spent might usually be a fortune.

Always ensure that the interior designer, knows what your budget is and only request and demand his services within that set budget. Always cross question your interior designer, and get to know as much as you can. In doing so, one can know the more cost effective ways of executing certain tasks in addition to your interiors. For example, Building a basic 4X4 bedside table with four legs, would just require wood, nails, tools  and an educational step by step DIY video. This task though simple in nature, would cost a fortune through the words of an interior designer. Involve yourself and suggest cost-effective ways of doing things or opt for readymade furniture that could be purchased at your nearest home décor outlet.

2) They are exceeding your budget:

As said above, it is important that you introduce your budget to the interior designer, and they are aware that you are firm with the set budget and are not going to budge. Interior designers, being smooth talkers are naturally skilled sales people, with the ability to twist words and sentences to get you to buy or spend more. When going to a designer, share your ideas and analyze the cost of production. Now-a-days such decisions are not made in a day, therefore take time to think whether this is the designer you want to go for, or else go to 10 other designers and see which one is the best suited to your taste and your budget.

Glamerhomz, is one such company in which your tastes are considered along with your budget. They aim at giving you the interiors of your dreams at a budget that you wouldn’t even dream off. More over this company, gets an approval from the customer at each stage of the production process along with its cost, just to double check and ensure that the customer is happy with the work conducted alongside the budget allotted.

3) Your opinions are not being considered:

When opting for an interior designer, remember to always voice out your  opinions and suggestions. If not, in usual cases the customers are overpowered by the designers and their view points, which might be costlier. Now, do not get me wrong and disregard everything that an interior designer says, because most solutions provided, are from actual problems faced by various home owners. For example, it is important to use PVC (expensive) than use plywood (cheap) in areas where water accumulation could occur, like below sinks, bathroom cabinets, etc. When this is suggested, it might seem like the interior designer is trying to upsell his services by having you spend more, but it is better to use PVC because plywood has a tendency of rotting over time due to the water or the corrosion caused due to the water accumulation. In this case, it is more valuable opting for the costlier option as it is more durable and beneficial in the long run.

Therefore, it is important that the conversation between the interior designer and the customer is a two-way interaction, where ideas, opinions, suggestions are exchanged and complete transparency is ensured. This is suggested in order to maintain the customers budget as well as to not disregard what the interior designer says as at the end of the day they are professionals working from experience.

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