Top 5 Residential Interior Designers in Bangalore

Through evolution we have come across, a lot of change, the past is no longer the present and the present is no longer going to be the future. But when it comes to interior designing, apart from the change in terminology, interior design has been the same over the years. People from ancient times used hieroglyphics to design their homes but we have come so far in terms of designing thanks to modern technology. The following are the top interior designers in Bangalore – on the basis of their work ethic, flexibility, budgeting, quality, promises.

Empowering families with value added sophistication, Glamerhomz is an interior design studio with multiple years of experience in architectural consultations and interior design project implementations. We are a registered & full-service boutique firm delivering exquisite and custom interiors, designed and built by our expert craftsmen tailored to the unique comforts of our clients. As a client, you are the pivot of our business, your needs, your choices, your sentiments. So understanding you is prime.
Vaastu shastra says, “that a house built as per its confines promotes positivity and well being“. It could well be the turning point in a person’s life. With most people, making a home, is a dream project, sometimes, even a lifetime achievement.. So a house built to accomplish all those dreams is a great challenge. Every house dawns a new challenge to our team, even as we set our hands on it with passion than as a job, till we finally see that smile on your face.
It is said : “Home is where the heart is”, so why not make it a Glamerhome!

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